Our Story

Goldie exploded into the cosmos in 2019 when LA-based sisters Rima and Eddy Vaidila joined forces to develop big-bang style swimwear that was stylistically innovative, functional and unique. Growing up in St. Pete Beach, FL, the sisters spent most of their sun-soaked childhood in bikinis while never feeling excited about what was available at an affordable price point in terms of aesthetic, wear and fit. 

Exhausted from what felt like an eternity of searching for the perfect suit, Rima and Eddy were left with no choice but to take matters into their own hands; fusing their combined 30 years of fashion experience and unprecedented understanding of swim, their brainchild Goldie was born.

Goldie exists to provide the universe with the ultimate swimwear assemblage made up of limited-edition drops centered around ultra-flattering designs featuring bold and exclusive prints and patterns. The female-owned brand is made for the playful yet coy, quirky and eccentric who are passionate about swim, joy and sunshine.